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How to choose best trench coat for women? An ultimate guide

How to choose best trench coat for women? An ultimate guide
Best trench coat for women guide

How to choose best trench coat for women? An ultimate guide

Here you will find the ultimate guide for choosing the best trench coats with reference to our in-depth market research, product reviews by thousands of customers and the latest trends on Pinterest. Here we will walk you through your best online shopping and how to decide which one to buy. It will also save you time and money.

The first thing you need to look at when deciding on the perfect trench coat for you is the fit, so look at your shoulders, the shoulder seam under the armpits to be big enough to open your arms up. You should be able to move your arms and not be too tight but not too big.


Long Trench coats for winter

Cole Haan women Long Wool Trench coat for winter

A great heavy and warm coat!

It is a very beautiful coat, we would recommend it for anyone who is not curvy. It is very warm and perfect for winter. You can wear it with your favoraite jeans and stylish Tees. This little bit bulky and best for extreme weather to protect you from ice cold and windy weather.


De La Creme Single Breasted Detachable Fur Hood Trench Coat

This one flares out just enough to make you look like, waistline, even you have an apple-shaped. It is quite thinner than left side trench coat, therefore, not as heavy. You may like to wear high-heeled boots, and a heavier coat would strain your feet more. It keep you warm in 20 degree weather with a thin-ish hoodie underneath.




We know your legs are very beautiful and they should be visible to look more attractive, so the next important thing is that the trenchcoat is not much longer. Small big is good enough that it just comes out of your leg. This is a very important thing; you need to research its length.

Sometimes you also consider the weather like you are wearing a little shorter trench coat on a windy day and then you might be noticed in the back, how it ignites. Maybe you like more coverage in the rain, this is also a functional thing and not just a trendy thing. If you are always walking around on street, it is really important that you prefer more coverage, especially when wearing a short skirt.


Short Trench Coats

MODLILY DESIGN - Plaid Double Breasted Notch Collar Coat Plaid Double Breasted Notch Collar Coat - L

It is warm and gorgeous  bouble breasted notch collar coat, It is perfect if you want to show your nice legs. It is beautifully designed with long sleeve and colour is perfect. It will keep you warm in winter.


MODLILY DESIGN - Plaid Button Up Pocket Notch Collar Coat

Plaid Button Up Pocket Notch Collar Coat - M

This turndown collar trench coat suitable for winter. If you are working women, then it is perfect for you. You may like to wear high-heeled boots with this coat to lift up your feet more. Wear it with a crew neck underneath.



Some women prefer a good trench coat with small buttons, a soft light-colored lining with nice pockets and a cool flap pleat in the back. Some trench coats are collared, and ladies love daddy colors. So, you must make sure it has a nice collar that will stay put, it looks really good.

Another important thing when buying a trench coat is the choice of color. We know that the choice of color is entirely a preference and it really is up to you. A color like warm beige or another light color looks great if you have brown hair.


Light colour and fancy trench Coats

ANNA&CHRIS Women's Long Wool Trench Coat

It is high quality women's long coat, very soft wool fabric, comfy to wear. It’s stylish open front looks beautiful with pearl cuffs, make you more elegant and charming.

This wool coat is easy to pair with shirts, sweater, dress, pants, jeans,


Allegra K Buffalo Checks trench coat

Its looks very expensive but very styles, lavish and nice coat. The design is awesome and best for your vacation trip in cold country. It will keep yu warm in winter and stormy weather. Wear it with a crew neck underneath and with your favorite jeans.




If you want to show your figure, you may choose trench coat with belts so that it can nicely buckle your garment. There are really nice, belted trench coat we have collected here with classic colors. We recommend you choose more fitted trench coat and are about to create a more tailored and polished look. The best part is that you buy a smaller size, so again if you have something a little loose garment underneath and put the trench cot on loose, the whole look just might look frumpier, but you can just fix that by belting it up or buying a size down.

Here are some belted trench coats that are really nice.

Belted Trench Coat

Escalier Trench Long Wool Coat with Real Fox Fur Collar

It is with fox fur collar and good thing is that it can be removable. Gorgeous fox fur enhances the cozy comfort of this chic walker wool coat.  Two snap button closure fastens with a self-tie belt, slit pockets at hips, cell pocket in lining gives it perfect look.  The elegant trench wool coat gives you a sleek and warmth.


Escalier Wool Trench Coat Jacket with Belts

It is premium quality trench coat, made of wool blend fabric and making style, feel good and comfortable. Classical Double-Breasted coat with Belted waist, Buttoned cuffs, Unique collar design, side-entry front pockets

Its looks very expensive but very styles, lavish and nice coat. It is perfect for stylish women to keep you warm in winter.



Trench coat is best for protecting you from wind and provide extra protection around the neck with their wide lapels.  It has big pockets to safely stow your belongings. They are comfortable and elegant design that make them one of the most versatile coats of all time. Always try to choose classic and clean trench coat as possible. Avoid too much buttons or textures, try to match the color of the jacket with your other dressing so that it fits perfectly and looks more classic and gorgeous.

You may find affiliate links in this article. This means that if you click on a link and purchase any of the products on this page, we may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, It does not affect our opinions or reviews. Everything we do is benefit for you as the reader, so all our reviews are as honest and unbiased as possible.

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